Calweld Bucket Drillers specialize in bulk sampling and ventilation holes using Calweld's 250C and 150A, and a Hypower 500H truck-mounted bucket rig.

We are most likely the only drilling contractors in Australia that run truck-mounted bucket rigs capable of depths greater than 50 metres, therefore cheaper mobe and demobe compared to track-mounted rigs in remote areas.

Owner-operator Laurie Seekamp has 50 years experience in the mining and drilling industry, from mining and sinking shafts by hand at the Coober Pedy opal fields in South Australia, to gold mining at the Miclere goldfields in central Queensland. Subsequently Laurie brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the operation.

Calweld Bucket Drillers operates Australia-wide with current emphasis on the Eastern Goldfields and iron ore regions of Western Australia and the coal mining areas of central Queensland.

For more information:
Laurie Seekamp - 0428 278522
Todd Seekamp - 0429 023151


A division of Seekamp Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN 079 381 874

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