Calweld Bucket Drillers specialize in:
    - bulk sampling
    - large diameter shafts
    - ventilation shafts
    - exploration shafts
    - foundation shafts
    - water wells
    - coal coring
    - mine and access shafts

Shaft diameter range is 460mm to 2.3 metres (depending on ground conditions) with depths up to 114 metres.
Normal bulk sample holes are 930mm in diameter, at one metre depth of most soil types. This equates to approximately 1100kg of sample.

Drilling ventilation shafts into existing mine tunnels via a 250mm pilot hole for drill cuttings to escape, virtually a reverse to raise boring.

Bucket rigs have a reputation for being unable to penetrate cap rock silcretes and hard sandstones. Reversing this situation has been one of our main successful achievements (via coring barrel) along with greater than normal depths, by the use of extension rods.

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